The monument for Tadeusz Kościuszko in Milwaukee, U.S.

A noble volunteer in the cause of liberty in the New World and a fearless advocate for the freedom of his native land in the Old

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The Kościuszko Bridge. It connects Brooklyn to Queens in New York City, New York, U.S.
The forum focuses on four themes as the four bridges to liberty and freedom:
Drawing of the Napoleon Orda: Mereczowszczyzna (Merečovščyzna, Grodno, now Belarus). Vandolin PuslovskyPalace and the house where Tadeusz Kościuszko was born. Drawn in kind by Napoleon Orda. Lithography. Warsaw, 1873-1883. The item is stored at the Vilnius University Library

Welcome to “Liberty and Freedom: Kościuszko’s Legacy” – an international forum commemorating and celebrating the 275th anniversary of the birth of a Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian-American hero, Tadeusz Kościuszko.

Namesake of the 1794 Polish – Lithuanian uprising, hero of the Battle of Saratoga, which secured American independence, and a champion for progressive rights, Kościuszko bridges in one person the greatest human values and a yearning for a better and free world.

His anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on his contribution to freedom and liberty, the cherished and shared values of democracies worldwide, and inspire discussions about the modern way of pursuing these values.

We celebrate Kościuszko’s inspiring contribution and legacy in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the date of his birth, February 4th, to be broadcasted worldwide. The forum aims at highlighting how freedom and liberty can inspire and shape the developments in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltics, and advance collaboration and engagement among Europe and with the U.S. on freedom and liberty.

Tadeusz Kościuszko bridges several nations of the world in his struggle for freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty remain relevant today, as it is not a given and cannot be take for granted. As there are constant threats to freedom and liberty, we need to maintain and build the bridges among nations with supporting pillars of security, the rule of law, and social innovation. This makes us stronger.

Jenik Radon's Speech

As our ambition is to make the world better, we bring together people from across the globe to apply Kościuszko’s ideas on freedom and liberty to the modern world.

The event will gather political leaders, renowned lawyers, freedom activists, historians and other speakers from different regions and beyond in the field of foreign policy, law, history and social affairs.